Software development

We develop algorithms and tools for localization, and recognition objects in digital images. Cooperation with CMP FEL, Eyedea.

Software components for:

  • Quick and subpixel iris localization.
  • Manual annotation and object marking in images; speed up the process of preparing trainning and reference data sets (Matlab).

Database publishing

We design and implement automatic systems for database publishing:
  • statute-books,
  • price and goods lists,
  • stort event result lists,
  • timetables,
  • address books,
  • labels.

Document typesetting

We typeset documents for both print or electronic purpose:
  • Technical publications (books, textbooks).
  • Conference materials (proceedings, badges, lists) including registration web support.
  • Nonstandard books (encyklopedia, dictionaries, multilingual publications).
  • Technical materials (callibration targets).


We offer consultations for:
  • LaTeX, ConTeXt, TeX (typesettings, database publishing).
  • Metapost (batch vector graphics).
  • Image Magick (batch bitmap graphics).